Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 4th~More Basketball

Emma has finally learned to use her long arms for good. She has turned into a pretty good rebounder. This was a hard game though. The other team had a tall girl who could really make shots. I think that is our biggest problem. We don't have anyone that can score well. Emma did make another basket though. That was exciting. In the end it was a loss but the team had fun and they are getting better. 

This girl gave Emma problems. She is tall (and gorgeous, not that it matters but I kept staring at her because she was so pretty!) and totally intimidated Emma. She just kept stuffing the ball in people's faces LOL! I finally yelled "she's not that much taller than you!" to which Emma replied, "But she has long arms!" I said, "So do you!!!" 

I love watching these girls.

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rlg said...

I'm glad Emma is getting better, and oh would I love to have her long arms. What a blessing they are. Sorry we didn't get to see any of her games.