Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another New Recipe=Yum!

Saturday morning Paul and I looked through my Pinterest recipe board. We found a bunch of things we wanted to try but they were all very similar. If there was a recipe that had chili powder, soy sauce and lime juice in it I think I pinned it. LOL! We went to the store and bought everything we needed for over a weeks worth of meals. So far we've only made one of the recipes and guess what, this one didn't even have soy sauce. ; )

FYI~The title is a clickable link to the recipe.

Really this recipe is just for a rub (we love rubs!) and then you baste the chicken at the end with honey and vinegar. I made the rub just like she did. I didn't have any coriander or chipotle powder so I left it out. There was one thing I did do differently. I used apple cider vinegar in the honey baste. 

This ended up being the perfect meal us. It was quick, easy and luckily very adaptable. I got what I wanted and the family got what they wanted. I cooked the chicken indoors on the George Foreman and made a pan of jasmine rice to serve with it. I made the kids skewers in the citrus flavor that they like, Paul got chicken with rice like he likes and in the end I got a chicken salad like I like.

Andrew tried a piece of our chicken and said he wouldn't ask for it but would eat it if it I made it again. Then later he asked Paul for another bite. Emma didn't love it but she is getting better about eating things so I think she would eat it if I made it again. 

I asked Paul if this was different enough to include in our regular rotation and he said yes. Wahoo. A new recipe is born. He also tasted my salad and really liked it. Unfortunately he doesn't think a salad is a complete meal. 

On the page I linked above there was a link to a salad using the grilled chicken. It sounded delicious. The dressing was really unique. I liked it yesterday but I LOVED it today. You could really taste the cumin the next day.

Note to self: The dressing really needs to be made ahead of time so the flavors can blend.

This salad was really good and kept me fuller much longer that I anticipated. I added a bunch of chia seeds to the dressing and left red onions out of my salad. I think next time I will add some cayenne pepper to the dressing just to kick it up a notch.

I had a lot of dressing left over so I ate it today on a different salad just to see how the flavors would work. I used the left over salad mix with cubed swiss cheese, sliced almonds and chunks of navel oranges. I ate my salad with some baked tilapia. It was so good. I like it almost as well as the chicken salad. I will make this dressing over and over again.

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rlg said...

I think I will try the recipe. I'm so bad about cooking anything these days. It looks really good.