Monday, July 11, 2011

My Garden is Growing

One of the bucks came back! Isn't he cute? 

In this box we have green beans, burgundy beans and a bunch of pumpkins and/or squash. I really don't know. I can't remember what we planted where. Hiding in the back is a green pepper and a jalepeno pepper plant. The giant plant in the front is indeed a pumpkin AND it is a volunteer. It grew all on it's own. Crazy happy healthy pumpkin doing all the work.  

The corn grows inches overnight I swear. That stuff is amazing. It looks really healthy and happy. 

More corn.

Truly I think this is squash and zucchini but I don't know for sure. 

Two different types of peas. They are doing really well. 

A big nasty pile of ants. It makes my skin crawl just looking at them. 

More peas. 

There you can see the peppers. They are the only things that I DIDN'T start from seed and they are the smallest. I can never get my peppers to do a lot but that's okay. I love them anyway. 

Gardens always amaze me. The plants seem so eager to grow and produce. I can't help but get excited by them. Tonight I will pick the peas. They should be just about ready. I can't wait. 


linda said...

Awesome garden,

Wingnut said...

We're being overrun with cucumbers. Tomatoes aren't far behind!! That's all we planted this year. I have one 8x4 box now. I plan to have at least one more (maybe 2!) next year.

rlg said...

Beautiful garden. You must be a gardner! Hee Hee.