Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 14th

On Thursday July 14th Maggie and I packed up all of our sewing supplies and headed south to St. George where we met up with two other friends, Joanna and Jani, for a quilting retreat. 

We got to stay at Joanna's in-law's beautiful home. 

It backs up to a turtle preserve so the views went on forever. Maggie and I signed up for a mystery quilt through a local quilt shop that we will be working on over the next year. It is a Halloween theme so I couldn't say no. We had ten little blocks that we had to make before next month. 

Matching up the colors. 

We went from that to this. 

Then Ta Da! The first little block is done. Besides quilting/sewing we ate dinners out, relaxed, swam, relaxed, went to two plays at Tuachan (Grease & The Little Mermaid), relaxed, stayed up late, relaxed and drove by the temple. Here are some pictures (Out of order) from my girls weekend. 

See that cute little guy on the stairs? He's in every single one of my pictures LOL! 

Tuachan is an outdoor theater set right up against the red cliff of Ivins, Ut. You can't really tell from this picture but there is a water feature that comes down the middle of the landscape, right behind the stage. For Little Mermaid they hold all the water back until the beginning of the play. At that time they let it rush down and they actually flood it across the stage then they bring out a giant boat and it looks like it's floating. It was amazing. They also have an 80 foot wall of water that they project onto for the underwater scenes. We were in awe all night. 

After the play is over you can meet the cast. These are Ursula's eels. They were super cute, super sweet boys. I wanted to bring them home. 

Ursula was am-azing! They way she moved across the stage blew my mind and she was so talented. 

I've wanted to see the Little Mermaid onstage since it came out so this was a dream come true for me.

What would a trip to the desert be without a cute little lizard? This guy was sunning himself outside the house we were staying in. 

Two of my ten blocks. 

We got to eat at Cafe Rio and Olive Garden. Yum! 

I also started an autumn quilt while I was down there. I'm making good progress on it. Hopefully it will me done soon. 

The four of us before Grease. 

The theater was amazing! Even though we lived just minutes from it when we first moved to Utah this was my first time there. I will definitely want to go back. Next year they are doing the Wizard of Oz. I can't wait. 

Me and Maggie

Joanna and Jani

The Grease Stage

Me way too excited to be away for the weekend! 

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rlg said...

Looks like loads of fun. Beautiful pictues, so glad you got to see the plays. Again, you are blessed to have such good friends. By the way Maggie looks really great!