Thursday, January 31, 2013


Emma tried out for the 9th grade basketball team at school. She didn't make it. It wasn't a huge surprise but it was disappointing for her. She is a great defensive player but still needs work and confidence when it comes to shooting and ball handling. Her friend suggested they do Junior Jazz together through the local recreation centers. Their two dads are the coaches (yes Paul is one of her coaches) and it has been great fun! 

Their team is all 9th graders and one 10th grader. Some of the teams they have played have been all 10th graders. It's quite obvious that the extra year is very beneficial. I can't believe how much more confidence and coordination the older girls have. You can tell they have a lot more experience playing as a team as well. It's been a hard season with a lot of losses but they handle it really well. I love their positive attitudes. 

Between the rec ball and the church ball that just started Emma is gaining a lot of confidence and experience. I can't believe the improvement I have seen in her and her teammates in the past two months. She has so much potential. She could be a really great player if she continues the hard work. She has the height and the long arms for it! 

I'm not sure how much longer we have left, I think 2-3 more games before the playoffs, but I will miss watching her. Between the practices and the games it has taken a lot of time but it has been totally worth it.

12-8-12 Game 1 Rec Ball-Lose

12-11-12 Game 2 Rec Ball-I think they lost

1-5-13 Game 3 Rec Ball-I think they won (They won one in here somewhere.)

1-10-13 Game 4 Rec Ball-lose

1-12-13 Game 5 Church Ball-lose (BAD! That team is evil. Evil I say.)

1-17-13 Game 6 Church Ball-Win

1-19-13 Game 7 Rec Ball- We missed this game while we were away but they lost.

1-23-13 Game 8 Rec Ball-lose

1-26-13 Game 9 Church Ball-lose (In double overtime due to bad calls. I promise.)

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