Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

On the night before Thanksgiving our friends Jordan and Courtney invited us and a BUNCH of other people over for pie night. It was phenomenal. She has almost 20 different pies. It was so fun visiting with friends while eating yummy pie. I was so glad she thought to include us. We really enjoyed ourselves.

On Thanksgiving we went back to Tucano's for dinner. At first we thought we were going to be with my parents for Thanksgiving but that didn't work out. Then we thought we were going to be with friends but that didn't work out either. In the end it was just the four of us but we were totally okay with it. We had a wonderfully delicious and totally relaxing dinner.

After lunch we took some pictures and consulted with Zoltar. 

He gave both kids fortunes and was really creepy with his accuracy.

We drove over by the river to take a few pictures.

We had gotten white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to go with our meal so we ate that when we got home.

With the help of my good friend Marie (Calendar) I had made two pies that morning.

Our friends Brant and Ariel invited us over for pie on Thanksgiving night. It was great to spend some time with friends. 

These two together equal trouble.

Brant with the photobomb.

After we filled ourselves with pie we went home while they put their kids to bed. After the boys were in bed they came over to play Munchkins with us. We ate spinach dip and stuffed ourselves silly until late that night. The next morning we were ready to shop til we dropped!

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