Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ready for some Randomness?

We grew leeks this year! We picked enough to make potato soup and left several more so they could continue to grow. I need to go out and dig the last of my leeks out from my snow covered garden boxes but since there's snow, I don't want to go outside. I hope they are okay.

Marius's new favorite place? Andrew's bed. I'm good with it.

Crazy hair day for red ribbon week.

Emma in one of her birthday outfits. I swear I wore pants similar to that when I was in junior high.

Emma and her friend wanted to watch the Hunger Games but Paul wanted to watch the BYU game. We don't have a TV upstairs (except in my bedroom) so we had to take the TV from the Wii downstairs in the office. We hooked it up to Emma's computer and the girls watched their show. It worked pretty well. With a tiny house you have to get creative at times.

Emma and her friends went to a football game at the high school and asked me to take them to Sammy's afterwards. I walked in after them because they didn't want to look like they were with a mom. I caught three guys checking them out. It was hilarious to see their reaction when I told them. When it was time to leave I was told to go out first so they guys wouldn't know I was with them. Once again I got to watch these three boys google eye my girls. They were thrilled with the attention.

I only got one bag this year. What a shame!

Pecan tussies are back at Kneader's. Oh happy day for Paul. These are his favorites!

We went to Sub Zero for the very first time for FHE a few weeks ago. What a fun experience! It was yummy too. I got tiger's blood flavor with gummy bears. When it warms back up we will be going back for sure. 

When you see it...

This is Chase. He's the guard dog for Gary's caramel corn.

Emma and Jenna Friday night before we left for the basketball game.

Things didn't go how I wanted them to go but I did my part.

Wednesday was Young Women in Excellence. We were served a delicious pasta dinner with bread sticks and salads. There was a nice program with good speakers and a fun slide show. I was glad I got to spend the evening with Emma celebrating the awesome young women of our ward.

Andrew got a tiki drawn on him by his friend's mom.

I got my finger slammed by a frozen roast that fell out of the freezer on me. It totally destroyed my finger. I had a bruise the whole length of my finger but it didn't show up too much in the pictures. It hurt like a mother.

Andrew got a Back to School haircut in the middle of August. I'm not sure why he looks like a crazed maniac in the picture but I loved his hair so I'm posting it! It looked so nice (and short) but he is determined to grow it long again. 

Thawing freezers is hard.

Weinermobiles are cool.

I don't "do" skits but somehow this summer I found myself in two. Say what?!? I guess that's what happens when you're in the Relief Society presidency. This one was at the ward dinner up in the canyon at Mutual Dell.

This one was at our Not So Young Women's Camp. Good grief.

 This was going to be our outfits for fall pictures. They never happened because Andrew didn't like his shirt and the kids dyed their hair red. That's two years in a row that we have missed the autumn leaves.

Emma lucked out for the third year in a row. She got an upper locker! 

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Dee said...

Love your pics! :) One question...what's a pecan tussie & where do I get one? TIA!