Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Halloween

When I first upload my pictures I am so emotionally attached to all of them (I think because I'm still caught up in the moment) I can't decide which to use. More realistically, which NOT to use. Now that Halloween is a ways behind us I think I can blog the pictures a little easier. Well that's my theory, perhaps it's just an excuse for my slow blogging. We'll never know for sure.

We'll start on October 27th. Emma went to her first church dance. It happened to be a Halloween dance so she got to dress up. Sort of. She wasn't going to dress up this year since she is so mature now. Broke my heart. Well we were at Pier 1 during the late summer and they had some fun Halloween things that she decided would be good. It would still make her feel Halloweeny but it wasn't a full on costume. I was just happy she was doing anything. So she wore her fancy headband and boa and I got to do a trial run on the make-up.

We found these awesome spider tights so she got to wear a skirt.

She had fun at the dance but none of the stinky boys asked her to dance. Most of her guy friends were at other events. It was a very busy weekend!

On October 29th and 30th the kids carved pumpkins. Emma's said 4.0 to celebrate her perfect report card. Andrew made a Creeper from Mindcraft.

Halloween morning was wild and crazy. I woke up close to 7:30 and no one else was up or showered. We were suppose to be driving the carpool in 15 minutes! I called one of the other moms and asked her to drive while we all scurried around like crazy people. Emma got ready lightning fast and got a ride with Paul to school. She made it just in time!

I barely had time to get Andrew made up before I had to leave for his Halloween parade at school. I am so glad that they can wear make-up and costumes to school now. I think he turned out pretty good.

His last parade. It was sort of a sad day for me. 

The principals, custodian and secretaries. 

I got to help with his party for a few minutes before I had to go and drive carpool for the junior high.

I picked up the carpool looking like this. Emma was NOT amused. 

We had our traditional pizza for dinner.

Okay, I was kidding. I couldn't narrow it down. Here are a ton of pictures from the night. I will say it was a GORGEOUS night! The weather was perfect. It was warm and clear. The kids went out with their friends and had a blast.

Emma was still in a bad mood. She was embarrassed of me taking pictures of her outside where someone could see her. Oh the horror. She refused to smile.

Finally a smile, I think I threatened her life. Once she got over her big bad self she was fine. Hormonal teenagers are a fun challenge. Lucky for me I adore my big kids even if they are testy at times.

The perfect Halloween night.

Our friends house with their talking pirate skeletons that had canons that shot out powdered sugar.

Emma with some of her friends.

Andrew with his cool crew.

These are all the girls from our neighborhood that are Andrew's age. They are sweet, darling girls. I loved that they posed for me so I could get their picture.

Some of Andrew's friends. It was too bad they never met up with Andrew and his group.

Emma and her mini stash.

Emma's braggy pumpkin.

My sweet Nicole came to visit me.

The best trick or treaters of the night. The kids came to tell me that they were tired and almost done. I asked if they wanted me to drive them anywhere and they said yes. Someone had made a haunted house so we drove over and I got to go through. It was quite awesome!

On the way home we saw our friends. Too cute!

Andrew's stash. Until next year!

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