Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 2014

This year we decided to have the kids find the contents of their baskets rather than just look for a full basket. I made a checklist so they knew what was theirs and how much they could have. You have to make it even steven you know. They really had a lot of fun!It made the hunt last much longer, especially since not everything was in plain sight.

Paul and Emma has an assignment to help at the developmental center early Easter morning. We had our regular church meetings as well. All that added up to a busy Easter day so I decided to not do the big traditional meal. We did breakfast food and it was sort of a bust.

We ended the day will the Hall's annual Easter egg roll. Emma had an egg with a wrapper that did pretty well. The weather was gorgeous and the day was Spirit filled. Overall it was a lovely Easter.

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Emily said...

I cannot get over how old your kids are now. I know it happens, but seriously! When we worked together they were just tiny sprouts.

I like the checklist idea for Easter baskets. Very smart. It makes it fun and not quite-so-obvious you're making it even steven. :)