Thursday, August 15, 2013

California Part 3

Thursday August 1st

Paul had some work to do again in the morning so I let the kids sleep in. I made two trips to the hotel buffet to get all this food for our breakfast. I hope they appreciate me! Once he got home we headed to the Irvine Spectrum for some shopping and then to the beach! We rented a boogie board for the kids. They had a blast. After we were done at the beach we did a little back to school shopping at the surf shops. 

This was our view during dinner. I think we all could get used to this! 

To get back to our hotel we could go by Disneyland, or not. We debated and finally decided to. How bad could it be? Oh it was awful, we wanted to go in so badly. But we didn't. This wasn't a Disneyland trip. We walked around Downtown Disney for a while. We ate beignets and soaked in as much Disney as would could from outside the gate. It's been WAY TOO LONG!  

Lego Land

World of Disney

Disneyland fireworks

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rlg said...

Wow, makes me miss California. It was a great state to grow up in. As always wonderful pictures.